SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Crop Enhancement, a manufacturer of sustainable crop protection products, today announced a partnership with OHP, Inc., a leader in technology-based plant protection solutions for  ornamentals. The partnership would expand the diversity of commercially available options to effectively manage ornamental pests.

“Crop Enhancement is thrilled to work with a leader like OHP to increase availability and advance the adoption of sustainable pesticides,” said Jean Pougnier, CEO of Crop Enhancement. “We are working together to bring new tools to the industry to manage pests while helping growers achieve outstanding results.”

Crop Enhancement technologies take a different approach to pest management. The product protects crops by coating plant surfaces with a non-toxic film that camouflages them from pests and minimizes colonization, feeding and damage from insects and diseases. The application does not require growers to purchase additional equipment, has a high level of safety for both workers and the environment, and may be used in certified organic production under USDA regulations.

“Our team of highly experienced, motivated, and qualified experts is driven with a passion for excellence in our pursuit of customer-focused solutions,” said Troy Bettner, vice president of marketing and sales at OHP. “We believe Crop Enhancement’s technologies provide outstanding solutions that meet the standards of our customers and will be valuable components in their toolbox.”

OHP works with partners like Crop Enhancement to provide growers with technology-driven solutions for crop protection and horticulture production systems. The leading source of pest control solutions in its industry, OHP works in partnership with customers and  manufacturers to fill real-world needs and provide practical solutions. OHP, Inc. and Crop Enhancement continue to partner in the development of plant protection products and, upon registration from the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), would make products available to the industry nationwide as early as 2023.

The partnership further advances market traction of Crop Enhancement’s first product, as it comes on the heels of the company’s recent successful pilot trials on coffee and almond crops, which found the product provides a similar level of protection as standard control options. The company continues to develop its technology and is expanding trials in specialty crops including almonds, apples, leafy vegetables, and brassicas.

About Crop Enhancement
Crop Enhancement is pioneering a new approach for safer, biologically-based crop protection, enabling growers to meet increasing demand for sustainably produced food. With Crop Enhancement’s CropCoat® solution, growers now have a nontoxic choice for protecting crops from destructive pests without the need for chemical pesticides and without harm to the environment. Crop Enhancement’s mission is to create innovative, safer, and more sustainable pest control solutions for growers. Visit us at

About OHP
OHP Inc, originally Olympic Horticultural Products, was founded with the goal of becoming the leading provider of technology-based solutions for the greenhouse and nursery production markets. Today, after evolving into its new identity as a member of AMGUARD Environmental Technologies, OHP is recognized as the leader in the market. The OHP team markets products, specifically packaged and labeled exclusively for the greenhouse and nursery production markets, through a network of leading distribution partners throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Visit us at

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