The R&D 100 Awards reward the most prestigious innovations and revolutionary ideas in science and technology. The R&D 100 Conference celebrates these awards and is also an educational event where R&D professionals gather to network, share, and learn from and with their peers.

Autonomic Materials has been selected as finalists for the R&D 100 Award for their revolutionary self-healing solutions for powder coatings.

Autonomic Materials offers a platform of self-healing additives used in high performance coatings to repair coating damage immediately after it occurs. Self-healing additives extend long term coating performance by imparting extreme corrosion resistance, maintained adhesion and extended service life after damage in a wide range of applications from high-performance systems for oil & gas and industrial maintenance to consumer applications

Visit Autonomic Materials’ technology center to learn more about their self-healing technology and download technical data sheets for self-healing products.

 R&D 100 Awards – Conference in Orlando, November 16-17, 2017