Champaign, Il, March 27, 2019 — Autonomic Materials (AMI) announced today that its self-healing technology was awarded the prestigious Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award for coatings and linings at the 2019 National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) conference. This distinguished award is presented only once every two years at the world’s largest event focused on the prevention and mitigation of corrosion. AMI’s technology was selected by a panel of corrosion-control experts based on the potential for a significant positive impact in corrosion control.

AMI’s self-healing technology seals damage to coatings, adhesives, and composites as soon as it occurs, extending lifetime and performance by up to 4 times longer than existing coatings. From high-performance systems for Oil & Gas to consumer applications, AMI’s new class of SMART materials offers maximum protection by responding to damage without the need for manual intervention. The microencapsulated additives are compatible with most solvent-borne, waterborne, and powder coatings and provide improved protection to metals, wood, concrete, plastic, composite, and other substrates.

We are honored to be recognized by NACE for our technology innovation and the impact it can have on the coatings industry. We are driven to provide our customers with breakthrough products that extend asset lifetimes in unprecedented ways and help lower the cost of ownership and environmental impact” said Magnus Andersson, co-founder of AMI. Andersson and co-founder, Gerald Wilson, received the award on behalf of contributing members of AMI’s technology development team, including A.G. Navarro, Christopher Dayton and Subramanyam Kasisomayajula.

About Autonomic Materials

Based in Champaign Illinois, AMI is the worldwide commercial leader in polymer-based, self-healing microencapsulated systems for high-performance coatings, adhesives and sealants. Over the past two years, AMI has introduced several AMPARMORTM products for use in heavy duty industrial coatings and in high-performance powder coatings. In addition to its own expanding IP portfolio, company holds the exclusive rights to the patented technology developed by the Autonomous Materials Systems (AMS) group at the Beckman Institute, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.