Current Investments

(NASDAQ: ABSI) Integrating drug discovery and cell line development with AI-enabled synthetic biology.

Next Generation Sequencing technologies to enable RNA to be seen in a whole new light.

Amber Molecular is commercializing a new class of fluorescent OLED emitters for next generation hyperfluorescence and TADF co-emission based OLED displays for consumer electronics applications.

Making painting obsolete with sustainable protective paints that heal themselves.

Furcifer is developing the next generation of electrochromic film technology for architectural and automotive smart window applications that can be produced with roll to roll processing at a cost point which will enable widespread adoption.

C3Nano is a spin out from Stanford University that is developing revolutionary transparent electrode materials for significant end market applications including flexible displays, touch screens, and solar cells.

Enabling contactless patient monitoring and predictive health

(NASDAQ: CMRA) Engineering superior biotherapeutic formulations for fragile patients.

COTSWORKS designs and manufactures rugged optical components and subsystems to operate in harsh environments for applications primarily in the commercial aerospace, military, oil & gas and industrial end markets.

Sustainable crop and post-harvest protection.

MIT Media Lab spinout digitizing musculoskeletal injury diagnosis and recovery.

Sustainable, water-free, fabric finishing for apparel and footwear.

Advanced gas purification systems for medical and military markets.

Delivering the promise of 3D printing for mass manufacturing by additive deposition of multiple materials, AI/ML, and 3D vision.

Workflow automation and data management system for life sciences, healthcare, and other industries.

Nexus Photonics is commercializing lasers with unparalleled performance. Boundless applications unleashed for the field of integrated photonics.

Sionic Energy is commercializing next generation Li-ion battery electrolytes based on ionic liquid technology which will enable the electric vehicle markets.

(Nanofiber Quantum Technologies, Inc. is a company) developing a fiber-connectable Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) using innovative nanofiber cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) technology. Our QPU is designed for use in quantum repeaters and as a distributed quantum computing unit.

Prior Investments and Companies Founded

Pioneering microfluidics company that developed and commercialized ‘lab-on-a-chip’ technologies for use in genomics R&D and pharmaceutical drug screening.


Portable, ultra-wide field, imaging platform for AI-based diagnostics.



Developed rapid photo-induced polymers and related process technology for manufacturing ophthalmic lenses.

Acquired / Merged by
Rodenstock GmbH

Turnkey hybrid microgrid solutions.


Ultrasound-based downhole imaging technology.

Acquired by Koch Industries, Inc.

Mid-infrared laser sources for the life sciences, research, industrial, and defense industries.

Acquired by Leonardo DRS

Manufacturers a diverse set of materials driven fiber optics components and subsystems for the telecommunications industry.


Innovative Construction and Building Materials LLC commercialized novel gypsum-polymer technologies for lighter weight, higher strength dry-wall materials and filters.

Acquired by Saint-Gobain

Metaworks Inc. The leading provider of proprietary clinical meta-analytic databases and tools that support regulatory applications and filings in the pharmaceutical industry.

Acquired by
United BioSource Corporation

Developed proprietary nanomaterials subsrates and processes for photovoltaic, optical, and electronic device product applications.

Acquired by
Teijin Ltd. (TYO:3401)

Spun out of NanoGram Corp to develop nanomaterial batteries for the medical device industry. The company’s technology enabled both higher performance and safer discharge.

Acquired by
Wilson Greatbatch Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:GB)

NanoTex developed a novel polymer technology platform for the surface modification of textiles to confer stain, odor resistance, etc. The technology was incorporated into several commercial products.

Acquired by
Burlington Industries.

NBD Nano is developing a suite of hydrophobic-oleophobic and water condensing coatings, additives, and surface modifying technologies that offer unprecedented durability and adaptability for numerous industrial and consumer product applications.

Acquired by Henkel

A global corporation that develops and manufactures a wide range of novel photonic integrated circuit-based modules, components, and subsystems for use in optical networks.


Develped a novel proteomics platform technology and tools for drug discovery/profiling and developed a series of novel HSP-90 inhibitors that derived from this platform for oncology indications.

Acquired by
Pfizer, Inc. (NYSE: PFE)

Animal husbandry monitoring.


Developed a calibration -free, solid-state, non-glass based pH sensor for bioprocess, in-line process monitoring, industrial and water sensing applications.

Undisclosed transaction

At-line and in-line QC systems for ultra-rapid detection of microbial contamination.

Acquired by Suez

Using machine learning and advanced immunoinformatics to identify human tissue-derived antibodies and antigens for cancer and autoimmune diseases

Acquired by Absci Corp. (NASDAQ: ABSI)

Developing non-electrical basal and bolus drug delivery technologies and devices for large and small molecules. The first product is a basal-bolus insulin pump for the Type II Diabetes market.


VCSELs for atomic sensors and spectroscopy.
(ISIN: DE000LED4000; WKN: LED400;
trading symbol: OSR)

Acquired by

Developed novel gels for high performance electrical composites and cross-linkable polymers for contact lens production. The companies technologies were commercialized with several industrial partners.

Acquired / Licensed


Chromation Inc. is commercializing an ultra-compact spectrometer for integrated and wearable applications based on proprietary Photonic Crystal technology.

(NASDAQ: LHDX) Precision molecular diagnostic devices for at-home use.

Imprint Energy is commercializing a breakthrough, fully printable and rechargeable battery technology, ZincPoly, which enables ultrathin, flexible, high energy density rechargeable batteries at significantly lower cost. Imprint’s battery technology removes the design limitations and safety concerns of other battery technologies.

Acquired by
CCL Industries