Green Theme Technologies (GTT) is revolutionizing the Japanese textile industry with its PFAS-free and water-free EMPEL textile finishing platform. EMPEL offers unparalleled performance and long-term sustainability, attracting the attention of key players like YKK, a global leader in zipper manufacturing.

YKK has already integrated EMPEL technology into its manufacturing process and is promoting it globally through its new DynaPel collection. The innovative solution not only enhances performance but also aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives in the textile market.

GTT’s expansion into Japan is facilitated by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), underscoring the government’s commitment to fostering international trade and investment. Approved for JETRO’s Invest Japan Support Program, GTT is poised to establish a presence in Japan, leveraging the J-Bridge Program to cultivate partnerships with local stakeholders.

Martin Flora, GTT’s President of Business Development, emphasizes Japan’s reputation for innovation and quality in textiles. He highlights EMPEL as the natural choice for Japanese manufacturers seeking clean, high-performance solutions for water repellency, stain resistance, and anti-wicking properties.

YKK’s adoption of EMPEL in its DynaPel water-repellent zipper reflects the industry’s shift towards sustainability and innovation. Recognized with the prestigious ISPO Textrends Best Product Award, YKK’s innovative approach eliminates the need for PU film, enhancing usability and compatibility with garment recycling systems.

GTT’s collaboration with Japanese industry leaders signifies a significant step towards a more sustainable and competitive textile landscape, demonstrating the potential for green technology to drive positive change on a global scale.