Jennifer Wang


Ms. Wang has over 30 years of finance, investment, and operating experience, ranging from investment banking to start-up companies. Ms. Wang has built PVP’s back office since its inception and is responsible for PVP’s fund management, finance, operations, and participates in its investment due diligence and exit committees. In addition to serving as PVP’s CFO, she is also founder and CEO of Course 15 Associates, a CFO consulting company she founded to provide CFO services to venture backed technology companies. Throughout Ms. Wang’s career as a sell side and buy side analyst in Wall Street as well as startup companies’ CFO, she has worked with CEOs in a multitude of industries including chemical and energy, healthcare and hospital management, consumer services, SaaS and search technology, telecommunication and networking, social media and instant messaging platform, aerospace/defense, online video games and mobile advertising networks. Ms. Wang is also a board member of GAMMA Investing, a company in Custom Index SMAs. Prior to her startup experience, Ms. Wang was an executive with Wells Fargo Capital Markets, J.P. Morgan Securities, and Goldman Sachs. Ms. Wang has been a volunteer for MIT Alumni Education Counselor. Ms. Wang earned a Bachelor of Science in Management, Finance & Management of Information Systems from MIT as well as a Masters of Science in Accounting from Boston College Carroll School of Management.