“So, how it works is… actually, I don’t know if I can tell you. I need to make sure my team doesn’t kill me.”

Before he checks himself, Inkbit CEO Davide Marini is on his way to detailing exactly how the company’s chemistry team was able to achieve the ‘quite amazing feat’ of developing the Titan Tough Epoxy 85 material launched at Formnext.

Formulated for durability with the ability to facilitate intricate geometries and the suitability for application in production-grade parts that require toughness, Marini notes: “It’s almost a miracle that this is a thermoset. We’re making the thermoset behave like a thermoplastic.”

Impact resistance and the capacity to withstand long-term UV exposure is, Inkbit believes, to pique the interest of manufacturers across a plethora of industries. The company, though, is more interested in talking about the parts it enables, than the chemical formulations trade show visitors like to geek out on.