Inkbit has announced the launch of its Titan Tough Epoxy 85 material at Formnext.

The company has developed Titan Tough Epoxy 85 in-house and has a series of sample components printed in the material with its Vista inkjet printing platform on display in Hall 12.1, Stand F39.

Specially formulated for durability, Inkbit says the material delivers enhanced performance for applications requiring high accuracy and production-grade mechanical properties. It has been developed by Inkbit’s material science team in response to customer demand for tough, accurate parts with intricate geometries.

Among its key characteristics are impact resistance and the ability to withstand long-term UV exposure. Inkbit says, with the precise dimensional performance delivered by the Vista platform, the material is also suited to multi-component designs where tolerance stack-up challenges require individual components to be accurate to allow assemblies to fit together effectively.

“The launch of our Titan Tough Epoxy 85 is an important milestone in our journey to take material jetting from the realm of prototyping to that of production,” commented Inkbit co-founder and CEO Davide Marini. “The toughness, tensile strength, impact resistance and flexibility of Titan Tough Epoxy 85 rival those of Nylon 12, today’s AM industry standard. The new classes of material we are introducing, when combined with the multi-material capabilities and accuracy of our platform, will enable a formidable acceleration in product development and digital manufacturing across many industries.”

In addition to parts printed in Titan Tough Epoxy 85, Inkbit is debuting the Vista platform for the first time in Europe. Powered by Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ), Vista has been designed to enable functional and robust materials with ‘production scale throughput’ and dimensional accuracy.

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