Forming Alliances with Start-Up Companies and Creating New
and Expanded Opportunities in Existing Businesses


NAGASE & CO., LTD. (Tokyo; Kenji Asakura, representative director and president) has signed an agreement to invest as a limited partner in Phoenix Venture Partners III LP (Fund III) managed by California-based Phoenix Venture Partners.

NAGASE operates in five business domains: functional materials, advanced materials and processing, electronics, mobility and energy, and life and healthcare. The company believes this investment will lead to not only expansion of existing business but also creation of new businesses by fusing with the life sciences and the industrial sectors amongst other sectors where Phoenix Venture Partners has particular strengths.

Phoenix Venture Partners is a venture capital firm specializing in the identification and incubation of start-up companies that engage in research, development, and manufacturing of new advanced materials that are expected to be used in a various field. Their investments cover a wide range of fields, including life sciences field such as medical, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, as well as industrial field such as coatings, optical devices, semiconductors and sensors.

Through the investment in Fund III, NAGASE plans to expand existing businesses by utilizing the new technologies and expertise of startups with innovative technologies mainly based in the U.S., the market intelligence gained through the new network and the existing network of NAGASE Group. Further, through collaborations with these startups, NAGASE Group will promote the creation of new businesses regardless of specific fields or markets.

The NAGASE Group aims to provide solutions to customers, markets and society by utilizing the Group’s comprehensive capabilities and accelerating globalization.