CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – February 13, 2018

ReForm Biologics, a pharmaceutical technology company developing innovative platforms to improve biologic formulations, expanded its patent portfolio with the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 9,867,881 (the ‘881 patent). This patent, entitled “Viscosity-Reducing Excipient Compounds for Protein Formulations,” provides ReForm exclusive rights to certain formulations containing new concentrations of an excipient that significantly reduces the viscosity of highly concentrated therapeutic antibody solutions. ReForm covered the use of this excipient in an initial set of formulations in the May 2017 issuance of U.S. Patent No. 9,605,051 (the ‘051 patent).

At present, highly concentrated protein solutions with low viscosity facilitate the delivery of biotherapeutics by subcutaneous injection or via specialized devices. ReForm believes that viscosity reduction will allow for more effective formulation and preferable delivery of many of today’s and tomorrow’s antibody therapeutics to patients.

“Therapeutic antibodies represent an important class of biopharmaceuticals for patient treatment, but the ability to deliver and store highly viscous antibody formulations remains a major challenge for biopharmaceutical companies,” said John M. Sorvillo PhD, Chief Executive Officer. “The ‘881 patent not only enhances the coverage of our ‘051 patent, but broadens our innovative platform for the viscosity reduction of biotherapeutics.”

About ReForm Biologics
ReForm Biologics has developed a technology platform that transforms the formulation of biotherapeutics for the ultimate benefit of patients. Our patented FDA-friendly technology can extend product life-cycles, enable alternative dosing, and improve manufacturing efficiency for our biopharmaceutical partners. With multiple industry alliances to date, we offer formulation development collaborations and product-specific licenses for a broad spectrum of protein-based therapeutics.
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