The New Foods and How to Make them Faster, Better, Cheaper
 January 11, 2017 Hosted by Jim Lane

Episode Description:
9 billion people by 2050, that’s the population that the UN is telling us that we are going to have. That’s a lot of mouths to feed with the same land base – and with more urbanization, who knows how much land we’ll have to use. One new company coming up fast in Crop Enhancement, tirelessly working to increase crop yields and in a sustainable way. We’ll be joined by CEO Kevin Chen and Chief Technology Officer David Soane. Later in the program we’ll look at growing fuels, nutraceuticals and protein in the water, via algae. Will Thurmond, author of Algae 2020, joins us as we look at the technologies that are changing the way we make everything from vitamins to omega-3 fatty acids, and the protein we feed to farm animals.

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